Below is an overview or sampling of the products we offer. Please contact us for all your Oilfield Equipment needs. There is a good chance we can source it for you.

Products Overview
BOP & Accumulators Parts available for:
  • Annular Blowout Preventers
  • Blowout Preventers
  • Hoses
  • Pulsation Dampener Equipment
  • Pulsation Dampener Parts
  • Spools (Packing Elements, Seals, Etc.)
  • Cameron
  • Continental Emsco
  • Hydril
  • Koomey 
  • Shaffer
Downhole & Fishing Tools Parts available for:
  • Bits
  • Collars
  • Jars
  • Overshots
  • Stabilizers
  • Subs
  • Baker
  • Bowen
  • Gotco
  • Guiberson
  • Omsco
Handling Tools - Traveling Equipment Parts available for:
  • Bushing
  • Kelly Drive Bushing
  • Manual Tongs
  • Pipe Spinners
  • Replacement Parts
  • Slips
  • Baash Ross
  • BJ Hughes
  • Foster
  • Varco
  • Web Wilson
  • Wooley
Rig Components Parts available for:
  • Centrifugal Pump Replacement Parts
  • Instrumentation
  • Rotating & Traveling
  • Rotary Table Replacement Parts
  • Mud Pumps (Cartridges, Packing, Spaces & Wash Pipe)
  • Slush Pump End And Fluid End Accessories
  • Swivel
  • Bowen
  • Cabot
  • Continental Emsco
  • Cooper Rig
  • Gardner Denver
  • Ideco (I.R.I.)
  • National-Oilwell
  • Skytop Brewster
Wellhead and Production Tools Parts available for:
  • Adapters
  • Packers
  • Spools
  • Valves
  • Wellhead
  • Cameron
  • Shaffer
General Parts List
 Rig Lighting
 Air Pumps
 Back Pressure Valve
 Block / Hock Combos
 Blowout Preventers
 Bolts & Nuts (All grades)
 BPV- Back Pressure Valve
 Brake Blocks
 Casing Pipe 
 Centrifugal Pump
 Choke & Kill Manifolds
 Christmas Trees
 Diaphragm Pumps
 Drill Pipe
 Drilling Check Valves
 Drilling Rigs
 Drilling Rigs
 Drilling Spools
 Electric Motors
 Elevators-Handling Tools
 Elevator Balancing Straps
 Environmental Equipment
 Hay Pulleys
 High Pressure Fittings
 Hydraulic Cylinders
 Hydraulic Motors
 Line Pipe
 Liners, Pump
 Mud Pump Spares
 Mud Pumps
 Oil Seals
 Power Take-Offs
 Power Units, Diesel
 Power Units, Electric
 Power Units, Hydraulic
 Pulsation Dampeners
 Pump Liners
 Riser Spools
 Roller Chain
 Rotary Tables
 Rotating Heads
 Rubber Products
 Skids, Fabricated
 Slips / Handling Tools
 Spinning Chain
 Standpipe Manifolds
 Suction Manifolds
 Swivels, Rotary
 Tongs / Handling Tools
 Tongs / Power
 Tong Pull Back Strap 
 Water Well Rigs
 Well Heads
 Well Service Rigs,
 Workover Rigs
 Wireline Sheaves

Blowout Preventer Parts / BOP Spares

Mud Pump Parts and Mud Pump Spares

Turbine Control Cards (Surplus)



Wireline Tools



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