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Welcome to American Oil Tools. We are an oilfield equipment supplier for drilling equipment, downhole tools, mud pump spares & mud pump consumables, blowout preventer parts and blowout preventer spares; including surplus equipment. We offer a wide range of Oilfield Equipment from different vendors to meet the continuing needs of our customers.

We specialize in “American Made” aftermarket parts for use in the oilfield industry; including parts for mud pumps, blowout preventers, downhole tools and valves.  Manufactures include: Cameron, Emsco, Gardner Denver, Guiberson, Hydril, Ideco, National Oilwell, NOV, Shaffer, Varco and others….. 


Oilfield Equipment

Mud Pumps

Mud Pump Spares: We sell our own brand of high quality after market Mud Pump parts, mud pump expendables, and Mud Pump spares. All are proudly "made in the USA". We have Mud Pump parts available for; Brewster, Continental Emsco, Ellis Williams, Gaso, Gardner Denver, Liners, Pistons, IDECO, National, Oilwell, OPI, Wheatley, and Wilson.

BOP SparesBlowout Preventer Parts

Blowout Preventers: Our OEM style aftermarket Blowout Preventer parts, Blowout Preventer replacement parts and Blowout Preventer spares are of the highest quality. All of our Blowout Preventer spares and Blowout Preventer replacement parts are "made in the USA". Our BOP spares feature competitive pricing, exceptional quality and durability. B.O.P. manufactures include; Cooper Cameron, Hydril and Shaffer LWS BOP

Reciprocating Pump Parts
Reciprocating Pump Parts

National Oilwell Reciprocating Pumps:
We sale high quality aftermarket OEM style reciprocating pump parts for many National Oilwell Reciprocating Pumps. All of our Reciprocating Pump parts for National Oilwell Reciprocating Pumps are "made in the USA"

Elevator Balancing StrapsElevator Balancing Straps

Elevator Balancing Straps
The AOT-EBS elevator balancing straps are high strength rubber straps used for balancing center latch elevators during bit trips. The AOT-EBS elevator balancing straps are made from the highest quality materials

Tong Pull Back Straps
Tong Pull Back Straps

Tong Pull Back Straps
The AOT-PBS tong pull back straps are high strength rubber straps used to aid in repositioning of breakout and makeup tongs. The AOT-PBS tong pull pack straps are designed to offer superior performance and long service life.

Electrical Spares


GE Speedtronic Control Cards IC3600
General Electric:
GE IC3600 Speedtronic control cards, GE Speedtronic parts, GE Speedtronic spares, GE Speedtronic spare parts, and GE Speedtronic  replacement parts / Speedtronic repair parts that are new original OEM surplus.  Speedtronic control card models include: IC3600 GE Mark I control cards, GE Mark II control cards, GE Mark IV control cards, and GE Mark V control cards.


GE Speedtronic Control Cards DS3800
General Electric:
We have added DS3800 Speedtronic control cards to our inventory. The GE Speedtronic DS3800 cards in stock are new surplus.  GE Speedtronic DS3800 control cards.  The GE Speedtronic DS3800 circuit boards are used in the GE Speedtronic Mark IV Gas Turbine Control System.

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American Oil Tools is an oilfield equipment supplier for valve parts, mud pump spares, blowout preventer parts, drilling equipment, downhole tools, blowout preventer spares and mud pump consumables.